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It's a Synaptic Chaos Theatre!

Ryan Caron

Ryan is a Vancouver-based theatre artist with a specialization in the unusual. His last few professional projects have seen him sharing a character with a female counterpart, dealing drugs to a satyr king of the fairies, and directing Kabuki dance, ballet, and Greek tragedy to share the same stage. Improv is a natural companion to this kind of weird.An award-winning cosplayer who has frequented the con circuit for the last ten years, Ryan spent several years performing with The 404s before helping to found Synaptic Chaos Theatre. Recently graduated from University of British Columbia, he is currently balancing his full-time theatre work with his full-time better-paying mental health work. In his spare time, he studies Nihon Buyoh classical Japanese dance (ふじまりゅ under ふじまさゆせんせい), makes squeaky sounds from both his violin and voice, and steals rare free moments to catch up on his gaming.


Brendan “Beej” Dery

Beej never expected to be a performer. Then he joined Ukrainian dancing in elementary school, shared the lead male role in a junior high musical, and played lead tenor sax in his high school jazz band. So clearly Beej was lying to himself. Beej studied at the University of Alberta and soon found a much-needed stress release in helping to organize BAKA (Banzai Anime Klub of Alberta) and Animethon (Canada’s longest-running anime festival). While there, he met several of his improv-mates.Beej was a founding member of The 404s (though it certainly wasn’t his brainchild) and loves the rush he gets making strangers laugh. He is also a faithful panel member of the podcasts The 99 Yen Challenge and Dai-Cast, both hosted by In 2009, he hosted several performances of The 404s in Edmonton and area and is enjoying his agreed-upon position as SCT’s improv host.Beej also believes Beej typed out Beej’s name way too many times, but Beej hopes to show up on many more Google Beejs. Beej more Beej below!


Ian Horner

Ian is one of the founding fathers of Synaptic Chaos Theatre. And, like a proud father, relishes in administrating comedic beatings to his improv children, the latest of which being the Late Night Dub Fight, and Top Tech. When he is not hard at work, he can be found enjoying the finest scotches and brewing the thriftiest beers, while waxing poetic over the latest contemporary Internet literature (read: ranting about blogs). Ian is currently ingesting mass amounts of the spice in order to become the next Kwisatz Haderach. If you’d like to drink his milkshake, you can follow his exquisite exploits below.


Daniel Ross

Dan learned early in life that he could entertain and humour people through comics and his dry wit. Using his love of cartooning, video games and MAD magazine, Dan drew books of funny comics when he was 12 and his junior high notebooks were full of drawings of Q-Bert, anvils and Ninja Turtles being squashed by giant Monty Python feet. His passion for cartooning and sequential art carried into University where he drew the Gaussian Blur comic strip in the University of Alberta’s newspaper. Dan doesn’t draw nearly as much these days, as he’s busy being a father, husband and leading the technology team for the website but rest assured that he’s probably enjoying some obscure pun or ironic situation somewhere at this very moment.Besides his work with SCT, Dan is a regular cast member of The 99 Yen Challenge and Dai-Cast podcasts, and he may eventually get some work up on his website,


Ben Ulmer

In a desperate attempt for a 7th member, SCT began to experiment with Black magic. One night while holding a demonic ritual, they accidentally opened a portal to the netherworld, and out popped Ben.Ben has always had his hand in the preforming arts. A graduate from Victoria School for Performing and Visual Arts, he began his performance and comedy career as a musician playing shows throughout Edmonton and the surrounding area. His band became known for their on-stage antics and comedic lyrics. He is now attending Grant Macewan University for Theatre Production where he studies all aspects of putting on shows. An avid fan of Anime, Video games, and all things geeky, Ben has been a part of the Community for Years.In his spare time, he also writes and illustrates a webcomic, continues to write music, and has the ability to stumble on the internet for hours on end. He is often found at random theatres and venues around Edmonton setting up and tearing down shows and festivals throughout the City.

He is also Impervious to fire.


Erinn Watson

Erinn was once just Erin; at least until ninth grade, when she decided to be different. Then, she added the extra “n”. After a few years, the extra “n” wasn’t enough, and, not wanting to add more letters to her name, she started dying her hair crazy colours. When that got boring (after a while, blue DOES start looking like a natural hair colour), she joined an improv group.She enjoys being a member of SCT and all that comes with it (the fame and the excuse to make a fool of herself on stage, though not necessarily in that order). Erinn has rediscovered her love for theatre and the stage, and is now embarking towards a new career path…. becoming a drama teacher so that she may corrupt inspire the next generation!


Will Wood

Whether it was drama, performing arts, improv or musical theatre, Will could easily be found in his school’s drama room. After graduating in 2004, Will became a principal performer in The 404s Improv Comedy group with whom he performed until 2010, when he co-founded Synaptic Chaos Theatre. In addition to performing improv, Will regularly works on videos, podcasts and other scripted comedy projects independently and with other members of SCT, such as appearing as a regular contestant on The 99 Yen Challenge!Will has realized a lifelong dream of becoming a professional Voice Actor, being credited with roles in anime, cartoons, and video games. He is still striving towards his ultimate goal of a career in film and television, but he will always be at home on the live improv stage!

Former Members:

Paul Saxberg

Paul entered the theatre world in Hillcrest High School in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and since then has made it his quest to get involved in every theatrical group or organization he could get his fingers on.  He’s been backstage with the Cambrian Players, Masterfeast Dinner Theatre, The Thunder Bay Community Auditorium and Magnus Theatre; acted for Actors Repertory Theatre and The Thunder Bay Fringe Festival; taken classes from Cambrian Players, Magnus Theatre, The Vancouver Theatresports League, and the Curiously Canadian Improv Guild; tried amateur standup at Broken City; and performed improv comedy with The Wayward Clams, the 404s, and now Synaptic Chaos Theatre.In addition to his work with SCT, Paul leads the Calgary Stage Rats, a not-for-profit improv comedy troupe focused on skills development and experimental games.


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